MARCH 2021

Brazier Insurance’s Lesson Learned show spotlighted two of the organizations we support in our neighborhood causes campaign: Operation Initiative and The United Veterans Beacon House.

“On any given day we have housing available for 300 veterans”

Home Repair After a Long Winter

Cold weather can be a drag for homeowners. Add snow, sleet, and ice to the equation, and even the handiest homeowner can get worn out.

Winter can be tough on houses, condos, and townhomes. But Spring is the perfect time to make some repairs. Chances are some of you have had winter damage to your home, or maybe you’ve just enough gradual wear that you need to replace or update something important.

As insurance agents, we’ve seen it all. But there are some things you can do to help get your house in shape, even if there wasn’t a single event that caused enough damage for a claim.

Here are a few tips to help repair wintery wear on your home:

  GUTTER UP - Gutters can become weighed down by ice and snow. Check to make sure your gutters are in good shape periodically this season.
  ROOF GOOF - Hail can cause your roof to take a beating, but ice and snow can cause the most problems. Check for loose tiles, worn patches, and any holes that are ripe for repair.
  TROUBLE BELOW - Water that seeps into the “bones” of your house can cause cracks in the foundation or pipes when the temperature drops. Check for visible cracks or faucets that no longer work to stay atop this one.
  CHIPPING AWAY - Cold weather can cause paint to crack and chip, mortar to erode, and even driveway damage. Regular annual upkeep is a must to keep these small repairs from becoming a larger headache. If any of the above arise after a single storm or night, call your agent! You might have a claim on your hands.
Dates to Remember

8 - Daylight Saving Begins
8 - International Women's Day
17 - St. Patrick's Day
19 - First Day of Spring
22 - International Earth Day

Quote of the Month

"It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade." - Charles Dickens

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